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The tar-file per OAL contains, 18 tar-files per parameter, each containing csv-tables with time series per climate projection ensemble member and RCP scenario. Parameter list: temperature summer days hot days
tropical nights
duration of heat waves
days > 5 °C
heating degree days frost days
spring frost days
precipitation > 20 mm
dry days
wet days
wind speed
water balance sultriness

Data sources for the climate projections The projected climate changes presented in this Climate Fact Sheet are based on regional climate projections, which are presented in the framework of the EURO-COREX initiative ( as well as on regional climate projections provided by the ReKliEs-DE project, funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education ( The climate projections in this Fact Sheet are based on the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs), of which the RCP8.5 represents a worst case scenario, RCP4.5 a medium mitigation scenario, and RCP2.6 a stringent mitigation scenario. 51 climate projections were obtained in August 2018 from the ESGF data portal via the data node at the German Climate Computing Centre ( Of these, 16 simulations for the stringent mitigation scenario (RCP2.6), 13 simulations for the medium mitigation scenario (RCP4.5) and 22 simulations for the worst case emission scenario (RCP8.5) are available. The table below provides an overview of the regional climate models and their respective global forcing data. The EURO-CORDEX simulations are available on a grid with a spatial horizontal resolution of 12 km x 12 km. The climate change signals for the different variables presented in this Climate Fact Sheet are calculated as the weighted mean value for all grid cells located in this region.

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