Continuous water quality and runoff measurements

Continuous water quality (turbidity, conductivity, DOC, chlorophyll, cyanobacteria, P-tot) and runoff measurements, started 24.10.2019, at outlet of Lake Kuonanjärvi - River Kuonanjoki, Finland. Area belongs to OAL-Finland. Bounding box: 29.0971 29.2688 61.9325 62.0350. Link to the data:

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Core metadata

Visibility Public
Resource type Observation/measurement

OPERANDUM metadata

Type of observation Sensor
Data status Raw

NBS metadata

Has NBS relation False
NBS approach Sustainable Management
NBS habitat
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Wetlands
  • Woodland and forest
NBS hazard Eutrophication
NBS policy level
  • Local
  • National
  • Regional
NBS target
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Water management, protection of water related ES and water quality
NBS type
  • Green
  • Hybrid (green-blue-grey)
NBS intervention
  • Constructed wetlands or marginal wetlands
  • Continuous cover forestry or forest cover retention
  • Optimized forest management
  • Overland flow areas
  • Riparian buffer zones
  • Sedimentation ponds and pits
  • Submerged dams or weirs

Thematic metadata

Topic category
  • Environment
  • Inland Waters

Contact metadata

Responsible party role for described resource Point of Contact
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