National Climate Policy for Sri Lanka

The National Climate Change Policy contains a vision, mission, goal and a set of guiding principles followed by broad policy statements under Vulnerability, Adaptation, Mitigation, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Knowledge Management and General Statements. Collaborative action at all levels is necessary to transform this policy into meaningful set of actions to meet the challenges of climate change. The objectives of the Policy are to: - Sensitize and make aware the communities periodically on the country’s vulnerability to climate change. - Take adaptive measures to avoid/minimize adverse impacts of climate change to the people, their livelihoods and ecosystems. - Mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in the path of sustainable development. - Promote sustainable consumption and production. - Enhance knowledge on the multifaceted issues related to climate change in the society and build their capacity to make prudent choices in decision making.  - Develop the country’s capacity to address the impacts of climate change effectively and efficiently. - Mainstream and integrate climate change issues in the national development process. 

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