Simulated Coastal Flood Depth at the Bellocchio Beach (2040-2049)

This dataset comprises data for flood depth simulated at the Bellocchio Beach in Lido di Spina, with the morphological model XBeach, for the future period 2040-2049. Data have been aggregated into a zip file. Each csv file comprises three column: x-world coordinates, y-world coordinates, bed level expressed in meters. The Coordinate System is EPSG:7791 - RDN2008 / UTM zone 32N - Projected. The folder contains 4 files as follows: - without NBS - with the artificial dune - with the seagrass - with the integration of the 2 NBS.

You are not authorized to view this dataset. You may email the responsible party Arpae-SIMC Emilia-Romagna to request access.