Stacked remote sensing indices covering OAL-Austria

Stacked indices derived from Sentinel-2A/B imagery (processing level 2A) covering the period from 2017/04/24 to 2022/01/16

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(Rouse etal. 1974) NDVI = (NIR ‒ R)/(NIR + R) Visible Difference Vegetation Index (Wang et al. 2015) VDVI = ((2G) - R - B)/((2 * G) + R + B) Enhanced vegetation index (Schwieder et al. 2022) EVI=G(nir-red)/(nir+C1red-C2blue+X) Excess green index ExGI=2*g-(r+b) Green chromatic coordinate GCC=g/(r+g+b) Normalized difference moisture index (Lastovicka et al. 2020) NDMI = (NIR − SWIR) / (NIR + SWIR)

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Core metadata

Visibility Public
Resource type Spatial dataset

OPERANDUM metadata

Data status Processed
Main data type Raster
Raster data type Satellite observations

NBS metadata

Has NBS relation False
NBS approach Sustainable Management
NBS habitat
  • Coastal
  • Woodland and forest
NBS hazard
  • Landslide
  • Tropical Cyclone
NBS policy level Regional
NBS target Habitat conservation and restoration
NBS type Green
NBS intervention Optimized forest management

Thematic metadata

Topic category Environment
GEMET keyword Land cover

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